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As we know the world is changing in digital so everybody wants something more in less time. All of us have a hectic schedule of life, no one has enough time to read texts for the services or products they are searching for. People catch faster when they watch a video rather than any kind of text. Visuals play an important role in memorizing. Because visuals we keep in mind after one view. Through Animation videos we set a new name and people start recognizing it. For these features you have to choose an outcome explainer video company. Even you get here various tactics regarding explainer animated video company.

Time has changed now. As whenever we want to purchase something, people usually go through the websites, articles etc. to get more information about the products and services. But nowadays everyone focuses on animated videos. Because this is an effective and innovative way to tell about your brand. Here we have mentioned so many tactics that you have to keep in mind beforehand selecting an animated video company. So let’s move on the topic without getting more time.

Why Animated Explainer Videos Rather than Text—

When we explain about your company’s services or products in text format, it can be time-consuming and even look boring. Never add so much text material on your website whether you use explainer videos which should be animated. Because after adding

animation motions in video, that will be in another place. Just imagine, if you explain your business in a few seconds that is not just entertaining but creatively interactive as well.

And yes a short and crisp video which is designed by an explainer video company with animated elements. It is too eye-catching and very appealing. These explainer videos are trendy and extremely popular in this modern era. We can post it over all the social media platforms and be very helpful to enhance your business.

We Animtopedia team hope you snatch solution about animated explainer videos after going through this article. In any case you have any doubt regarding any kind of video. Just you have to assist us by searching with the terms explainer video company in Delhi NCR or animated video company. You get Animtopedia company profile just click on that and get in touch with us without any hesitation.

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Explainer video Company

A Brief Intro about Explainer video

The Explainer videos are short videos which help you to illustrate Complex topics in a simple way with more engaging and understanding even less than in 2 minutes about your company. Also highlights your products and services in effective tactics. Even explainer videos help to generate leads, fast brand awareness, increase user retention, decrease bounce rate, high conversions etc.. For implementing these things you have to choose the best explainer video company.

Show Your brand personality —
Yes, we can write it in the tone of your script, include visual styles that reflect your character, and also can use animation in explainer videos.

Show off the benefits first-hand– This is the biggest benefit of explainer videos. You can show off the benefits of your product or service first-hand, such as a brief product intro or a walk through of your software. Which helps people to see what they’re buying and will put many of their doubts to rest.

Multiple Uses– Once you make an explainer video with a creative explainer videos company then you can use it in a number of different contexts. You can post it on your YouTube channel, you can embed it into the homepage of your website, you can use it as a feature of your landing page, or even incorporate it into slideshow presentations. They’re short as well as universal enough to transfer easily.

Animated Explainer Video Company

Why You Need an Animated Explainer Video for Your Business

Animated explainer videos are a great tool to draw visitors to your site and inform them about your product’s main benefits and features. In less than a minute or two, animated explainer videos will clearly express your service or product. And because video helps individuals to collect more data in less time compared to reading, you get a great opportunity to gain these crucial 10 seconds and catch the attention of users.

Both visual contact and audio are used in animated explainer videos that greatly improve perception.

“Small companies don’t make live-action explainer videos because they can’t afford it.” WRONG.

Animated explainer videos cost less than videos of the same size as live-action explainers. But that’s not why corporations use animated videos to sell their products.

Big businesses, with lots of resources, often tend to use videos of animated explanations. For example, here’s Twitter Flight School’s explanatory video, done in an animated way.

Just take it as good news that animated videos cost less and convert high.

It’s a very nice thing because you can get a 60-second professional explainer video from $5k to $20k anywhere. Maybe more, maybe less.

This is where we are going to reveal why a wise step is your decision to create an animated explainer video.

1. Animated video has a higher chance of getting watched:

Our brain connects entertainment with animated videos because it recalls the good old days of watching cartoons. That’s why your brain says “watch it” when you see an animated video!

2. Freedom to present your brand story in a way that you imagined:

Videos explaining live-action often contain an actor explaining the product. A drastic idea would cost you a lot of money. In contrast, you get the creative freedom to set the scene and illustrate your product using visual metaphors, life-like visuals, and resonating moments while making an animated explainer video to help your target audience get the “aha” moment and understand how your product suits the life of the consumer.

3. Animated video lets you focus on telling your brand story:

There’s a lot of resources you have to pay for while doing live-action. Camera and equipment, actor and crew support, location and stage, lights and stuff.

But you do not have to think about such tools with animated images. Only concentrate more on telling a story about your brand. As you have envisioned it, the designer and animator will help create your world.


Animated Explainer Video Company has certain clear benefits over video explainers with live-action. They cost less and transform big, and let you make brand stories that go off the screen and into the audience’s hearts. Want to discuss your project contact us now!

Explainer Video

What is Explainer Video and why your business needs it?

The internet is flooded with videos every single second. With the help of videos, lots of people learn lots of things very easily. According to the research 80% of the total internet traffic increase by videos.

If you are not harnessing the power of videos, you are losing out on a big opportunity. There are several types of videos that can assist you in achieving your objective.

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to illustrate the product or service of your business. These videos are often placed on a landing page, your website home page, or a prominent product page.

Explainer Videos are both insightful and educational and convey what the business offers best. To improve web traffic and generate better ROI, organizations also use these videos.

Now let’s discuss some benefits of explainer videos:

1. Grabs Audience Attention-

An explainer video is a powerful tool that helps to get the attention of viewers. We are more attracted to entertainment videos than traditional web content. It commands you to watch it when your mind looks at a convincing animated video. That’s because it awakens your imagination and provides you with an exciting platform for understanding new ideas.

2. Easy Explanation of Difficult Topics-

Explainer videos explain the content in a simple way so that people can understand lots of things very easily. An animated video explainer is an efficient tool for getting your character into a real-life situation that connects to your brand. Your audience will have fun watching your characters face challenges and how they overcome the problem.

3. Increase Web Traffic-

According to the research 70% of users more likely to find your site if you integrate a video into your content. In addition, if the video is interesting, users can spend more time on your website. This helps to boost your search engine ranking and organic traffic.

4. Restores in Consumer’s Mind-

If your videos have an immensely valuable message that will increase the chances of them taking action will increase. Explainer video not only breaks down the concepts for your audience but also sticks to the minds of your viewers. You get a lot of Return on Investment.

5. Connect and build a Relationship-

In the world of digital marketing, establishing a relationship is crucial. Without having loyal followers who trust you and your offerings, you should not expect a sustainable income. Those faithful followers are the ones who regularly buy the product from your company.

If you’re looking into getting your own explainer video, or you’re still wondering how explainer videos help businesses feel free to contact us at Animtopedia. With any questions you have about illustrating videos or helping you create one, we are more than happy to help.

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