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Bring Your Business to the Next level with Explainer Videos

Any business needs to connect with its targeted customers. However, now the time has changed and it is almost impossible for any business owner to reach door-to-door for this purpose. In this regard, one can take the help of an explainer video company in Delhi. These companies are specialized in making short-length videos that can introduce your products, services, and business ideas. Moreover, you can interact with your targeted audiences and explain the motto of your business. In addition, this can become a strong marketing tool that you can use to promote your business. 

Top Reasons to Hire the Best Animated Video Company

Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

If you are a business owner, you must be looking to accelerate your sales volume. In the competitive market, if your business website is not compelling targeted or potential customers to buy products or services, your sales will never increase. For this purpose, you can take help from a reputed animated video company. Such companies can make compelling short animated videos by adding call-to-action elements for your business. Further, such a video will direct your potential customers to buy the products and services sold by you. 

Solve Queries of Clients

It is the most essential job for any business to solve the queries of customers. Presently, almost every business has an online presence; hence, queries of customers need to be solved online. For such work, a business can use explainer videos in which different queries of targeted or potential customers will be solved. In addition, it is the best technique to interact with customers and offer them a pleasing experience while they visit your business website. 

Effective Technique of Brand Promotion

Branding and promotion is the vital need of every business. Moreover, without increasing awareness about your products, services, or business you will never be able to engage your potential customers. For increasing awareness among traffic visiting your business website, you can take the help of an explainer or animated videos. In addition, this technique can help you in increasing the profitability of your business.  


These days business owners can use logo animation videos to reduce the cost of products and services. Such videos can reduce the cost you incur on customer support services as you can explain your business easily. Further, in the competitive market, you can save the time of your customers with short videos. Thus, explainer videos can help in the growth and expansion of your business.

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Six Different Types of Animation Styles for Marketing

There are good reasons why you wouldn’t eat steak for breakfast or drink a hot cup of joe to quench your thirst. It doesn’t mean you will stop being a huge coffee geek or that you can’t appreciate a nice, juicy cut when appropriate. It just means that different foods fulfill different appetites.

The same thing happens with explainer video types!

Certain videos appeal to some marketing objectives better than others. And with so many different styles of videos out there, it can be easy to fall into a bit of analysis paralysis. Leaving you unsure of the most effective one to take for your business or current marketing campaign.

This piece is here to fix that! We’ll go over different cartoon styles meant for marketing purposes, reviewing their particular strengths and how to use them best.

1. On Making Amazing Animated Explainer Videos

One important point to make before going through that list is that style alone doesn’t make an awesome animation.

While different types of animation styles or live-action footage can indeed resonate better with some audiences, there are several important characteristics that most types of videos used in marketing should address in some way or another.

  • Quality: Online, people will gauge the reliability of your product or service by the quality of your content. Making the right first impression with high-quality content is paramount.
  • Targeting: Generic videos are quickly dropped and forgotten about. Building explainers with precise target audiences in mind is a great way to have them work as intended.
  • Branding: Color selection, logo placement, jingles… all these branding elements are present and used expertly in the different cartoon styles that work for marketing purposes.
  • Rhythm: Pacing is critical in explainer videos. Timing the action and story just the right way helps keep audiences entertained and engaged until the end.
  • Message: A video that lacks a clear message, or isn’t able to convey it clearly, can’t live up to their company’s expectations.

Doubtless, having a reliable team of professionals to get this covered will make it easier. Need help creating explainer videos? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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2. 15 Effective Types of Animation Styles

Now that you understand the main aspects that make these videos great, it’s high time we jumped into the meat and potatoes of the piece and review 15 different cartoon styles:

  • 2D Character Animation
  • Motion Graphics Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 5D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Typography
  • Screencast Video Style
  • Live-Action
  • Live-Action with 2D Animation
  • Rotoscope Animation
  • Mechanical Video Animation
  • Cut-Out Animation
  • HUD Animation
  • Plexus Video Animation

Each of these different types of animation styles is used in today’s marketing, depending on the company’s size, audience, or industry. So let’s break each one down and see what makes them great.

3. 2D Character Animation

It isn’t surprising that we start this list with 2D animation, as it is one of the most popular and broadly implemented explainer video types in use today. And for a bunch of good reasons too!

Here, both characters and scenes are created in a two-dimensional space, using perspective to give the illusion of depth. The 2D animation video style is highly versatile, allowing for insane customization that, when done right, leads to an emotion-evoking piece that can appeal directly to its intended audience.

4. Motion Graphics Video Style

Similar to 2D character animation, motion graphic animations are primarily characterized by being engaging and straightforward.

It’s an ideal style for companies trying to showcase complex products or services – like in the tech industry – as the style works wonders at visually synthesizing huge amounts of information, quickly and effectively.

In these types of videos, clever use of graphics help illustrate your message, without getting in the way or distracting from the intended marketing goal behind it. Fresh, colorful, and dynamic, motion graphic videos hook viewers from the get-go.

5. Whiteboard Animation

One of the most used types of animation styles for B2C and B2B. The whiteboard style provides the perfect platform to delve deeper into a product, service, or process’ details. It consists of simulating black-line graphics being drawn on a white background, illustrating the concepts or ideas in play.

The popularity of this explainer video type lies in its effectiveness, as the dynamic graphics and animations do a great job of delivering complex messages while keeping the audience engaged. Using a streamlined type of cartoon style that results in a straightforward and to-the-point finish.

6. 2.5D Animation Style

The main draw behind this video animation style is to simulate a 3D environment. The technique consists of layering objects to create a more sophisticated and fluid piece – Like watching cut-outs moving in a 3D-like space, even though every element is designed in 2D.

It combines all the benefits of a motion graphics animation but, since it emulates a different cartoon style, its visual effect delivers a more unique, professional, and engaging piece. And it does it without the added hassle and expense of 3D animation.

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Tips why Intro and Outro Animation Videos are Important

Every entrepreneur or start-up company both give the heart and soul to their products. But not grab the sales or interest of the audience. You know what is the reason behind this is lack of product marketing in the proper way. And every business has too much competition for their brands. Sometimes company team members do not understand the problem and feel frustrated because of not getting the results of their work. So to grab the user retention you have to post animated videos about your products and services on various channels such as on your social media accounts, website, on job portals etc. Through promotion videos you can also increase your results on Google because Google also likes videos rather than the contents.

Here we are going to tell the benefits of using animated videos. Just you have to go through these benefits step by step. You will definitely get the idea why promotion videos,

intro-outro videos, and animated videos are extremely important for any type of brand. So now without wasting your time and energy let’s move to the topic.

Why Animated Videos are Important for Social Media— Animated videos are very engaging instrument for all the social media platforms. Promotion videos also help to tell about your products and services more comprehensively. It’s too hard to keep remembering the content but video content we can easily remember because of the visual context.

Improve SEO Ranking with Promotion VideosYou must have to add promo video on your website by doing this your ranking will increase on Google because Google gives speedly ranking to video content. Apart from this you can also decrease your website’s bounce rate when someone clicks on your website and sees a promotion video on your landing. At that time you get more user retention on your website. But you have to keep in mind your video content must be engaging.

Easy to Share Animated or Promo Videos– with the promotion videos we tell about our company’s products or services. And yes, we can easily share our animated or promotion or intro video on any social media platforms such as on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Whatsapp or through Gmail etc. It’s very essential to share because without visibility, we can’t do any type of business.

Effects of Intro-Outro VideoHave you ever heard about intro-outro videos? If not, here we are going to tell you all about intro outro videos. Why it’s important for your business or brand. So intro means the starting part of the video in the visual form and outro stands for the ending part of any video means conclusion. If we talk about the uses of intro-outro videos. There are so many uses of intro-outro videos like on business presentations, webinars, podcasts, educational based, companies events etc.

Key components of Intro-outro videosFirstly, you have to choose the best company which can provide all the features that we have mentioned here- sound of the video, creativity, original images, video must be unique and hd quality, keep it short, one of the most important thing always include call to action button in your every video. After seeing your video if someone gets interested, they can directly contact you by clicking on your call to action button.

We make sure after going through this article you understand the importance of animation videos, Intro-Outro videos, promotion videos. In case you don’t understand anything or get confused then you can easily contact us by searching the name Antimopedia. Our team members are available all the time to assist you.