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Why You Need an Animated Explainer Video for Your Business

Animated explainer videos are a great tool to draw visitors to your site and inform them about your product’s main benefits and features. In less than a minute or two, animated explainer videos will clearly express your service or product. And because video helps individuals to collect more data in less time compared to reading, you get a great opportunity to gain these crucial 10 seconds and catch the attention of users.

Both visual contact and audio are used in animated explainer videos that greatly improve perception.

“Small companies don’t make live-action explainer videos because they can’t afford it.” WRONG.

Animated explainer videos cost less than videos of the same size as live-action explainers. But that’s not why corporations use animated videos to sell their products.

Big businesses, with lots of resources, often tend to use videos of animated explanations. For example, here’s Twitter Flight School’s explanatory video, done in an animated way.

Just take it as good news that animated videos cost less and convert high.

It’s a very nice thing because you can get a 60-second professional explainer video from $5k to $20k anywhere. Maybe more, maybe less.

This is where we are going to reveal why a wise step is your decision to create an animated explainer video.

1. Animated video has a higher chance of getting watched:

Our brain connects entertainment with animated videos because it recalls the good old days of watching cartoons. That’s why your brain says “watch it” when you see an animated video!

2. Freedom to present your brand story in a way that you imagined:

Videos explaining live-action often contain an actor explaining the product. A drastic idea would cost you a lot of money. In contrast, you get the creative freedom to set the scene and illustrate your product using visual metaphors, life-like visuals, and resonating moments while making an animated explainer video to help your target audience get the “aha” moment and understand how your product suits the life of the consumer.

3. Animated video lets you focus on telling your brand story:

There’s a lot of resources you have to pay for while doing live-action. Camera and equipment, actor and crew support, location and stage, lights and stuff.

But you do not have to think about such tools with animated images. Only concentrate more on telling a story about your brand. As you have envisioned it, the designer and animator will help create your world.


Animated Explainer Video Company has certain clear benefits over video explainers with live-action. They cost less and transform big, and let you make brand stories that go off the screen and into the audience’s hearts. Want to discuss your project contact us now!